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    InterMedia Owner / IP.Board / IPS Community & PHP Developer

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    A person with passion of creation, looking for new solutions, unhappy with pre-made scripts. The process of creating a code is something indescribable and incomprehensible for somebody who has never got in touch with it. After all, the most important aspect is doing something that you put your heart into, then you will never get bored or get into a groove. I am lucky enough to connect my passion with my job - I keep providing support and creating new solutions for one of the commercial message board scripts, IP.Board.

    In a free time, I am into many different activities giving me both much entertainment and some well deserved relaxation. However, my greatest hobby has always been script creation. Yes, I am a workaholic.

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    You can also find me on ize and ips community.

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    Dawid Pieron

    GG: 7129
    Cell: +48 505 104 397
    Email: [email protected]